Hey There! Thanks so much for checking out my work. I'm currently wrestling my way through my first book, In The Blood, while working on a couple of long-term projects. As of 2020, I'm open to all inquiries: editorial, wedding, studio, concert, etc. Send me an email at booking@fortvanity.com or fill out a form here and we’ll get the ball rolling! I'm always open to hear ideas so please don't hesitate to reach out!

With Hope,

Matthew W. Kennelly

Kennelly is a 25-year-old photographer and writer from Edmonds, WA. Ralph Gibson, an award-winning photographer best known for his photography books, once said about Kennelly’s work on In The Blood, “There is no other work on a family farm as intimate, warm, and human as this work.” Kennelly had his first solo exhibition at 24, photographed the USA National Games Special Olympics, won Leica Akademie's 2017 photo contest, was featured in LHSA's Viewfinder Magazine, was accepted into Magnum Photo's Matt Black workshop, and was interviewed on the Real Food Real People podcast for his work, In The Blood. A self proclaimed documentarian of faults and glories, Kennelly hopes for his work to break the barrier between stranger and friend, despair and hope, fantasy and reality. Empathy and honesty are the driving forces behind his work. He resides in Edmonds with his dog working on various projects while helping at his Dad’s music store.

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Alan Hardwick, author of Never Been This Close To Crazy.

"Like music that captures in the listener, Kennelly brings us to that pensive but comfortable space where our own raw reality is somehow safely revealed. His work connects directly, hinting how you are not alone in your thoughts anymore; rendering your own shitty memories or unexplainable feelings powerless to keep you isolated any longer. And that's his magic: Kennelly's work exhumes you, your own raw self, to a space where you get to heal, to feel, or to bury it again. Either way, you'll always know that someone knew that part of you. I think that's why his work is so strangely healing. It lets you belong."

Laura Zeck, Founder + Curator of ZINC Contemporary Gallery.

“I have been watching Matthew’s work for some time and have found his ability to capture a very real human moment fused with a deft sense of composition to be reminiscent of the great documentary photographers of the WPA - leaving the viewer with the feeling of being witness to something on the verge of disappearing.”

Jeffrey Martin, singer/songwriter.

"[Kennelly] has an uncanny eye for capturing people in a way that is profoundly affecting--- he somehow gets their stories, their movement, their faults and glories all crammed into a single shot. [...] He has the understated grace of a seasoned photographer, hanging back, unnoticed, getting all the real shots without disrupting the scene."

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